CEO Jilliene Helman Featured on ABC15 Arizona


CEO Jilliene Helman Featured on ABC15 Arizona

Jilliene Helman recently discussed her role as CEO and founder of with ABC15 Arizona. Earning a spot on Forbes’ 2015 list of ‘30 Under 30’ for Enterprise Technology, Helman’s leadership has brought nearly 20,000 accredited investors to finance more than 265 properties through

While speaking with ABC15 Arizona, Helman discusses the company’s role as a real estate crowdfunding platform. Investors can fund a diverse portfolio of properties throughout the country with a minimum investment of just $5,000. Historically, “many of these opportunities wouldn’t be available to you unless you were investing $200,000 or $500,000,” says Helman. Not only does open the door for smaller investment amounts, “it also gives investors the ability to see what’s going on outside of their local market."

She also talks about the SEC’s recent ruling to allow unaccredited investors to participate in real estate crowdfunding platforms like While Helman doesn’t see this decision affecting her own company in the near future, she recognizes the potential impact available to the broader industry.

Beyond discussing how to invest in real estate, Helman gives advice to other entrepreneurs. “There’s always those nooks and crannies that you can find for business innovation depending on what’s happening in the outside world. Be persistent. Ask for what you want and go out and get it,” she says.

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