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Investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Understanding the basics of a REIT

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or "REIT", is a single investment into a diversified basket of real estate properties

REITs are legally required to distribute 90% of all taxable income to investors on a yearly basis

REITs are often diversified by property type, geography, or multiple categories to achieve strategic objectives

REITs have historically been positively correlated with inflation, which may make them a possible hedge for inflation

Investment Objectives

REITS are typically known for their objective of regular distributions, as well as moderate long-term capital appreciation, though they may offer other potential benefits.


Portfolio diversification

Capital preservation

Inflation hedge

Simplified tax reporting

Professional management

Comparing Available REITS

In the broader investment market, investors have access to three types of REITs

• Public non-traded REITs

• Public traded REITs

• Private REITS (Non-traded)

Annualized Returns (%) as of 12/31/20


Over the long term, REITS have compared favorably to traditional investment indexes, such as the S&P 500.

Our REIT distributions to date


Since MogulREIT I’s inception in 2016, investors have received of consecutive distributions totaling $0.0.


Annualized distributions (net of fees) as of 2/1/2021


Investing in real estate may be a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and has the potential to generate long-term tax-deferred growth.


On the RealtyMogul platform, you have the option to invest into one of the REITs using a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SD-IRA) either by rolling over funds from an existing IRA or opening a new IRA, directly with us.

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For investors looking to grow their retirement savings with a buy-and-hold investment strategy, MogulREIT II offers multifamily properties with value-add opportunities and appropriate risk-adjusted returns as well as the potential for value appreciation.

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