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Commercial real estate investing offers many possibilities across various property types. The investment products available to RealtyMogul members offer distinct benefits including “REITs” and individual properties.

Invest in a growing portfolio of diverse commercial real estate properties through public, non-traded REITs. The REITs are designed for income and growth and offer retirement investing options.
Qualified, Accredited Investors may invest in single properties or “Private Placements” which are structured as an LLC and designed to meet specific objectives.
Diversify easily with one investment
REITs are designed to allow investors to spread an investment across multiple properties, for higher levels of diversification.

Historically, REITs have provided investors with regular income streams, portfolio diversification, and long-term capital appreciation opportunities.
Meet the REITs

The Income REIT’s objective is to pay attractive and consistent cash distributions and to preserve, protect, increase and return capital contributions through debt and equity investments in a diversified pool of commercial real estate property types, while The Apartment Growth REIT focuses on providing investors with the opportunity for capital appreciation by investing in value-add multifamily properties with both preferred and joint-venture equity.

Minimum Investment
Annualized Rate
Distribution Frequency*
A Real Estate Investment Trust with the objectives to pay attractive and consistent cash distributions; and to preserve, protect, increase and return your capital contribution.
Open for Investment
Minimum Investment
Annualized Rate
Distribution Frequency*
A Real Estate Investment Trust with the objectives to realize capital appreciation in the value of our investments over the long term; and to pay attractive and stable cash distributions to stockholders.
The REITS Give You the Option of Investing Using a Retirement Account
Strategies for Diversification and Passive Income
Individual property investments
A single investment into a specific property (or small group of properties) is sometimes referred to as a “Private Placement”. These investments are only open to investors who qualify as “Accredited Investors”, as defined by the SEC.

The RealtyMogul platform offers equity investments in commercial real estate across the country in different property types such as office, multifamily, retail and industrial. Typical investment horizons range from 3 to 7 years with minimum investments from $25,000 to $50,000.
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