About Us

About Us

RealtyMogul.com is an online capital marketplace for real estate, connecting borrowers and sponsors to capital from accredited and institutional investors.  Through an online platform, RealtyMogul.com gives borrowers access to debt capital, sponsors access to equity capital and investors tools to browse investments, do due diligence and invest online.  RealtyMogul.com offers fix-and-flip loans, bridge and permanent loans and joint venture equity.

Our Story

With over 17,000 active accredited and institutional investors calling themselves RealtyMogul.com members, our devoted community has invested over $80 million dollars in over 250+ properties. And for their efforts they have received millions in distributions.

For accredited and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolio, RealtyMogul.com offers a fast, easy, frictionless platform that serves as a 21st century bridge connecting them to previously inaccessible investment opportunities.

And for both real estate investment sponsors looking to raise joint venture equity and borrowers looking for flexible debt, RealtyMogul.com provides access to equity and debt that would likely take several months to secure through more traditional means (and by “traditional”, we mean “slow” and “restrictive”).

So whether you are an accredited or institutional investor wanting to diversify your portfolio across real estate asset classes, a borrower in search of a flexible loan, or a real estate investment sponsor looking to raise joint venture equity, join RealtyMogul.com today to take your real estate investing into the 21st century.

Welcome to real estate investing. Simplified.

Our Team

Jilliene Helman
Chief Executive Officer
Justin Hughes
Chief Technology Officer
Steve Ozonian
Board of Directors
Hrach Simonian
Board of Directors
Rob Rueckert
Board of Directors
Megan Goodfellow
Chief Credit Officer
Ryan Sakamoto
General Counsel
Elizabeth Braman
Chief Production Officer
Tim Li
Chief Information Officer
Bill McKnight
SVP, Product & Technology
SVP, Commercial Lending
Michael Sanchez
Managing Director
Charles Kim
Managing Director
Chuck Taylor
Managing Director
Rick Clark
VP, Commercial Real Estate
Brian Esquivel
VP, Commercial Real Estate
Adam Freeman
AVP, Commercial Real Estate
Gene Barash
VP, Business Development
Heath Binder
VP, Investor Relations
Brian Sigler
Investor Relations
Aaron McCreary
Investor Relations
Kelly Blackburn
VP, Residential Mortgage Ops
Matt Shaw
Area Sales Manager- West
Gary Arakelian
Residential Sales Manager
Chuck Campbell
Account Executive
Kendra Rommel
Account Executive
Matt Laurent
Account Executive


David S.Rose
CEO, Gust
Gordon Stephenson
Founder, RPA
Matthew Grodin
MD, Spectrum Group Mgmt
Timothy Lappen
Attorney with a major law firm, specializing in representing family offices and parties in luxury home transactions
Steve Bram
Principal, George Smith Partners
Shamir Karkal
CFO, Founder, Simple

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corporate investors

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