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Beyond Traditional Investing

For those looking to go beyond investment strategies focused on stocks or bonds, we offer access to select commercial real estate deals.

Our real estate team works directly with our investment committee to scrutinize every asset against hundreds of data points. We apply due diligence principles gleaned from decades of experience in commercial real estate.

Before we invest, we visit each property, meet with major stakeholders, and perform our own physical, financial, and legal due diligence. The result? On average, we invest in only 1 out of 1,000 projects offered to us.

Selecting the right opportunities.

We apply traditional underwriting principles and add deep data insights. Every deal is put to the test against our most conservative financial models, and requires unanimous approval from our investment committee, whose members came from firms such as Rockwood Capital and Bank of Toyko Mitsubishi and who have collectively transacted more than $5B in real estate.

On average, for every 1,000 deals we scrutinize, only one may meet all the criteria of our rigorous underwriting process. Once it is determined that each of the elements of a transaction are on balance and appear strong enough to accomplish the stated investment goals, only then do we offer it to our investors.

Established Track Record

We are proud to offer institutional quality deals to investors seeking to build wealth through commercial real estate. Our straightforward approach focuses on: offering smart diversification strategies, generating cash flow, and creating value in office, retail, and apartment buildings.

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