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Beyond Traditional Investing

For those looking to go beyond investment strategies focused on stocks or bonds, the RealtyMogul platform offers access to select commercial real estate deals.

Each investment opportunity is evaluated through a due diligence process before being offered on the platform to members of the RealtyMogul community.


Since inception in 2012, the RealtyMogul platform has received over 30,000 real estate deals submitted. As of January 1, 2021, the platform has hosted 337 of these transactions, or just 1.1% of deals submitted.

Sophisticated datasets aid the due diligence process. The review process focuses on the sponsor and the property. Perhaps most importantly, a RealtyMogul team member travels to each individual property to confirm the property’s location, building characteristics and condition.


On the RealtyMogul platform, institutional quality deals are offered to Members seeking to build wealth through commercial real estate. This straightforward approach focuses on offering smart diversification strategies, generating cash flow, and creating value in office, retail, and apartment buildings



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