Introducing: MogulREIT I

A simpler way to invest in real estate, online.
Investment Objectives:i
Consistent cash distributions
Capital preservation and appreciation
What We Offer You:
Quarterly liquidityi and lower fees
$10,000 Minimum Investment
Last Distribution Rate
The Basics
MogulREIT 101
MogulREIT I is an online Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT") open to alli investors and designed for diversification, cash flow and equity appreciation.
We use technology to make real estate investing accessible.
Our Goal
Distributions + Appreciation
We think
both short

Our Difference
Direct + Disruptive
We designed MogulREIT I to be accessible to investors on the Realty Mogul Platform, By offering it to you directly through our website, we eliminate the traditional, manpower-intensive distribution channels and the high expense load that comes with them.
Traditional Non-Traded REITs
Sales Commissions 7%
Organization and Offering Expenses Up to 15%
Sales Commissions 0%
Organization and Offering Expenses 3%i
Our Strategy
Flexible + Diversified
Have you ever wanted to invest in a variety of property types across the U.S.?
MogulREIT I can do it for you.
Potential debt and equity investments within the fund include:
This flexible strategy will allow us to quickly take advantage of opportunities created by market changes.
Our Team
Credible + Knowledgeable
We are managed by an affiliate of Realty Mogul, Co. which has originated over $338 Million to date in real estate related debt and equityi.
Originations More Than:
Every investment opportunity goes through a rigorous vetting process by our experienced commercial real estate team.
Our Mindset
Discerning + Protective
We review a lot of transactions, but only a select few make the cut.
Deals that Appeal:
  • Established real estate companies and experienced real estate professionals.
    (No first timers)
  • Investments with cash flow.
    (No ground-up construction or land development)
  • Communities with strong economic fundamentals.
    (No single industry dependency)
Our Advisors
We collaborate with leading professionals to help provide guidance in their fields of expertise.
We are audited by:
  CohnReznick LLP
We are administrated by:
  Opus Fund Services
We are advised by:
  Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

What is MogulREIT?

MogulREIT I is a limited liability company formed to invest in and manage a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate investments, such as loans, equity in commercial real estate ventures, and other real estate-related assets.

MogulREIT I is a registered, non-traded REIT. That means that it is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but is not traded on a stock exchange. MogulREIT I intends to qualify as a REIT beginning with its taxable year ending December 31, 2016.

What types of properties or investments go into MogulREIT?

MogulREIT can invest in a variety of property types, including but not limited to, multi-family, office, industrial, self-storage, retail, medical office, and hospitality. The fund can invest in various commercial real estate-related equity and debt securities across these different property types.

Who can invest in MogulREIT?

MogulREIT is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Non-accredited investors must have net worth and annual income greater than $10,000.

What is the minimum amount I can invest in MogulREIT?

The minimum investment is $10,000.

Can I invest in MogulREIT I using a SDIRA (Self-Directed IRA) or other type of retirement account?

Yes. We have added the ability to take retirement funds into MogulREIT I. This means you can use your SDIRA to make investments.

How liquid is an investment in MogulREIT?

In the first quarter of 2017 we updated our Redemption Plan (now referred to as the Share Repurchase Program) to allow for a higher repurchase rate, faster. Share Repurchases from MogulREIT I are generally allowed on a quarterly basis, subject to the share repurchase rights and limitations outlined in the Offering Circular.

How is investing in MogulREIT different from other investment opportunities offered on the Platform?

The Platform offers individual real property-related investments as private placements to accredited investors only. The Platform allows accredited investors to review due diligence materials for individual transactions and invest in one transaction at a time. Investing in MogulREIT is different since investment decisions are made by our Manager and you are investing in a diversified portfolio and not a specific transaction or property. Additionally, MogulREIT is accessible to both accredited and non-accredited investors and offers a lower investment minimum than some of the transactions offered on the Platform.

Who is on the Manager team of MogulREIT? has a highly experienced team of real estate finance professionals, led by Jilliene Helman, its Chief Executive Officer. Many of the senior executives and loan origination professionals at have deep experience in the commercial real estate sector and have been in leadership roles at financial services institutions for many years. Collectively, these professionals have approximately 200 years of combined direct experience in the commercial real estate business, and have managed more than $4 billion of originations and more than $8.5 billion in underwritings in commercial real estate loans and equity investments. The Company benefits from the knowledge and industry contacts, experience and judgment that these professionals have accumulated over numerous real estate cycles. Learn more.

The credit team of is very experienced in reviewing and underwriting commercial real estate investments.’s Chief Credit Officer, Megan Goodfellow, has been involved in institutional finance for three decades, specializing in the analysis of real estate capital structures and financial strategies. Ms. Goodfellow has assembled a strong team of credit and underwriting professionals whose expertise has been honed in the service of, and which will be brought to bear for MogulREIT’s benefit.

What services will the Manager perform?

The Manager performs the following services: investment advisory and acquisition services (including performing due diligence on our investments), offering services, asset management services, accounting and other administrative services, shareholder services, financing services, and disposition services.

How does decide which investments go into the fund and which don’t?

MogulREIT I pursues the investment strategy using the criteria described in its Offering Circular. Some opportunities may arise which could be allocated to either MogulREIT I or the Platform. In these instances, any potential debt investment exceeding $1,000,000 and equity investment exceeding $1,500,000 will first be made available to MogulREIT I. If the fund chooses not to invest and the investment opportunity meets the investment criteria for Realty Mogul, then those investment opportunities will be made available to other investors through the Platform. MogulREIT I may, where the investment committee of its Manager determines that the size of an investment would create undue concentration in its portfolio or that the entire investment would otherwise be unsuitable for the fund, permit a portion of an investment to be sold on the Platform.