Our Top 25 Financial Blogger picks in the US


One of the first step towards investing in real estate is becoming better educated about real estate. As we enter the new year, we wanted to take the time to share new knowledge with our investors. Here’s who we consider the top 25 financial bloggers in the industry. We always encourage those in the RealtyMogul community to explore the wealth of knowledge that is available out there and support your journey to becoming a more educated investor.

#1 WellKeptWallet

Deacon and Kim Hayes started WellKeptWallet after getting married and finding themselves in debt. This source offers invaluable tips for how to Make Money, Save Money and Pay off Debts, including investing in commercial real estate through RealtyMogul. Click here to read the article.

#2 InvestorJunkie

Investor Junkie analyzes and compares a multitude of tools to help readers make financial decisions for their financial situation, including reviewing robo-advisers, stock brokers, banking, financing, peer-to-peer lending and real estate investment platforms. You can read their review of RealtyMogul here.

#3 PassiveIncomeMD

PassiveIncomeMD is the site of Dr. Peter, an anesthesiologist living in Los Angeles who reviews passive financial products across the spectrum, including real estate crowdfunding sites such as RealtyMogul.

#4 WalletHacks

WalletHacks was started by Jim Wang, a 30-something family man financial blogger that gets to the nuts and bolts of hacking financial products for a more meaningful life of financial freedom. His review of RealtyMogul can be found here.

#5 RETipster

RETipster is a site offering real-world guidance for real estate investors. Seth Williams reviews commercial real estate crowdfunding sites, including RealtyMogul.

#6 FinancialSamurai

Sam Dogen is the financial samurai, and his site highlights how he was able to reach financial freedom with passive income. Sam cites RealtyMogul as his favorite site for accredited investors to invest in Commercial Real Estate online. Read the full article here.

#7 GoodFinancialCents

Founded by Jeff Rose, GoodFinancialCents is on a mission to inspire readers to take charge of their money and make “cents” of their financial future. Jeff’s review of RealtyMogul can be found here.

#8 ListenMoneyMatters

Andrew Fiebert, founder and chief nerd of ListenMoneyMatters, offers a site with podcasts, toolboxes and education content offering a “no BS approach to your managing your money effectively.”

#9 ElitePersonalFinance

The goal of Mike James’s site, Elite Personal Finance, is to pass personal finance knowledge to millennials, while enhancing it to better apply in today’s digital world.

#10 AffordAnything

Paula Pant’s AffordAnything is more than a site, it is a movement rooted in one idea: You can afford anything, but not everything — and that’s true not only for your money, but also your time, focus, energy and attention.

#11 TheCollegeInvestor

Robert Farrington’s site, The College Investor, focuses on helping millennials first get out of debt, then start investing. Robert’s review of RealtyMogul in particular focuses on MogulREITs as an investment option for non-accredited investors.

#12 MadFIentist

The Mad Fientist offers tools, blogs and podcasts to support the goal of Financial Independence (FI).

#13 MyMoneyBlog

Jonathan Ping has been sharing about money on MyMoneyBlog since 2004. As a father, husband, self-directed investor, financial freedom enthusiast, and perpetual learner, Jonathan’s site MyMoneyBlog offers insights on investment opportunities, including a review of RealtyMogul.

#14 RetireBy40

Joe Udo started Retire by 40 in 2010 to keep himself honest as he retired from his engineering job. Retire by 40 is full of tips and support for reaching early retirement just like Joe, including investing in Real Estate platforms like RealtyMogul. Read the full article “5 Ways Regular People Can Invest In Real Estate,” here.

#15 WiseBread

Wise Bread is a community of bloggers dedicated to help readers live large on a small budget. Wise Bread offers tips on credit cards, personal finances, frugal living, careers, and life hacks.

#16 StreetAuthority

Street Authority is a site that offers independent guidance for investing with featured investors, free and premium newsletters on investing, that are primarily focused on the public markets.

#17 FinancialMentor

Todd Tresidder created Financial Mentor as a step-by-step blueprint for building wealth, with more than 55,000 people reportedly having already used the blueprint to jumpstart their financial freedom. The site supports ten different financial podcasts.

#18 ThePennyHoarder

The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance website that reports reaching millions of readers each month with a mission to put more money in people’s pockets by sharing job opportunities, personal success stories, practical tips and more.

#19 TheSimpleDollar

Founder of TheSimpleDollar, Trent Hamm, resolved to get out of debt for good in 2006, using TheSimpleDollar. to share his journey to financial freedom and the strategies that worked for him. Trent reports, the site serves around one million visitors per month and has been ranked as a Top Ten Personal Finance Blog on Kiplinger and in the Technorati Top Twenty for business and finance blogs.

#20 AStudentOfTheRealEstateGame

Joe Stampone, founder of AStudentOfTheRealEstateGame, shows through his own experiences how to start and grow a rewarding real estate career, acquire deals and build a company, and invest passively in real estate to achieve financial freedom. The site breaks down investing in real estate passively online, including an article on RealtyMogul’s MogulREITs and Private Placement offerings.

#21 IdealREI

Eric Bowlin – Founder of IdealREI – bought his first multifamily investment in 2009, at the height of housing crisis. Since then, he reports accumulating a multi-million-dollar portfolio and achieved his dream of “financial independence” at the age of 30. The site offers a program to help users to create passive income. The site ranks RealtyMogul as a 5/5 in their review of investing online in commercial real estate.

#22 InvestmentZen

InvestmentZen offers three simple steps to financial independence: spend less, earn more, and invest the difference. One of the methods of investing is commercial real estate, including a review of RealtyMogul.

#23 RetireBeforeDad

Retire Before Dad is a site devoted to one man’s journey to retire before his father did at 55. With life tools, calculators and blogs, the site focuses on ways to generate potential income and reduce expenses while investing for financial freedom.

#24 PassiveRealEstateInvesting

Marco Santarelli runs the Passive Real Estate Investing website for busy people to build passive income while creating wealth for the long-term.

#25 CashFlowDiary

J. Massey leads the Cash Flow Diary website. As a full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, popular podcast host, author, speaker, coach and all-around problem solver, J is known for providing strategies to help new and experienced investors.

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