The Investing Influencers You May Want to Follow


The Investing Influencers You May Want to Follow

When it comes to investing, there’s a lot of information out there. Financial planning, passive income, real estate--the list goes on.

You can’t learn everything in one place, and with all the information available, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. Plus, you want to follow people who have solid investing experience under their belts. That’s why we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best investing influencers you may want to start following now.

Josh Brown

Finance and fun coexist on Josh Brown’s (@ReformedBroker) financial blog, The Reformed Broker. Brown is an established financial advisor, CEO, and author who shares insights about markets, politics, economics, media, culture, and finance.

He uses statistics, satire, pop culture, and sarcasm to drop knowledge on these topics. Despite his playful tone, Brown is a dyed-in-the-wool expert on investment opportunities.

Kathryn Cicoletti

Former investment analyst Kathryn Cicoletti (@mscheatsheet) traded her 13 years of experience for an opportunity to empower, educate, and entertain an audience on investment topics. She founded Ms. Cheat Sheet, a website that houses bite-sized educational video courses to help investors make more money.

Her sense of humor and passion for helping people shines through in the videos. The site is educational, fun, and inexpensive—Cicoletti’s no-nonsense, digestible way of learning only costs $10/month.

Barbara Friedberg

If you have personal finance questions, Barbara Friedberg (@barbfriedberg) might have the answers. On her blog, she shares tips on saving, investing and wealth building strategies. Friedberg aims to teach followers that it doesn’t have to be hard to invest and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Friedberg’s experience spans the financial sector: she’s held jobs ranging from portfolio manager to university finance instructor. With decades of experience and a passion for educating, she could possibly help you achieve the financial freedom you’ve been craving.

Larry Ludwig

Larry Ludwig (@InvestorJunkie) and his website, Investor Junkie, are all about helping you become a better investor. Ludwig covers stocks and investing at a high level, but drills deep on topics like financial freedom and personal finance. He knows these topics because he’s been a business owner and investor himself, so you’re getting insight straight from an expert.

Michael Piper

Licensed CPA and author Mike Piper (@michaelrpiper) wants to help you reach investment success by following a few simple rules. His blog, Oblivious Investor, proves to readers that investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Piper’s rules—diversify your portfolio, minimize costs, and ignore the noise—are the foundation of his blog. He shares tips, tricks, and resources for investing in all stages of life.

Barry Ritholtz

On Barry Ritholtz’s (@ritholtz) leading financial website, The Big Picture, there is always something worth reading. Just ask his millions of monthly visitors. From investing to macroeconomics and everything in between, Ritholtz gives his insight with a splash of commentary to keep things interesting.

Ritholtz is a busy man. He’s an author, newspaper columnist, blogger, equities analyst, and chairman and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. But he is seemingly never too busy to help people spot investment errors and learn successful financial behaviors.

Jeff Rose

Self-proclaimed numbers geek Jeff Rose (@jjeffrose) is a certified financial planner and CEO of his own wealth management firm. He’s also authored a financial bestseller and has a knack for helping people reach financial independence.

On his blog, Good Financial Cents, Rose helps readers make sense of their financial life. His blog is based on his core principles—The Money Uprising Movement—and guides followers through all the reasons why now is the time to invest. He doesn’t always blog about investing, but when he does, it’s information almost anyone can apply to their financial life.

Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder (@Financialmentor) created Financial Mentor to give people a step-by-step blueprint for building wealth. As a retired hedge fund manager and money coach, Tresidder looks to educate normal people to achieve financial independence and success using his pro insights. His website provides free articles, informational interviews, instructional classes, ebooks, courses, and financial coaching.

Joe Udo

Joe Udo (@retirebyforty) achieved his goal of retiring before 40, and now he wants to help you do the same. On his blog, Retire by 40, he shares how it’s possible to do exactly that—quit your career and retire by the time you enter your fourth decade.

Tadas Viskanta

Tadas Viskanta (@abnormalreturns) brings the best of the investment blogosphere to his readers with every post published on Abnormal Returns. Focusing on the financial scene, he covers everything from personal finance to current market events.

Viskanta’s 25 years of financial markets experience comes from working as a private investor. He also co-authors Financial Analysts Journal and Journal of Portfolio Management papers. As a bonus to readers, he pulls together daily roundup posts highlighting the “best of” each day.

Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner (@rwohlner) is an experienced financial planner with knowledge to spare. On his blog, The Chicago Financial Planner, he shares financial planning advice, investing tips, and retirement plan strategies to educate individuals and institutions alike.

With his education and experience, Wohlner’s goal is to help readers take action and achieve their future financial goals.

Keep track of the influencers above—and more—by following our dedicated Twitter list.

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