Realty Mogul Crosses $1 Billion Invested on the Platform

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Learn more about RealtyMogul’s history of empowering investors as we celebrate crossing $1B in investments.*


LOS ANGELES, CA January 2023 – Online commercial real estate investing platform RealtyMogul has reached a milestone: members have invested $1 billion in capital on the platform across an array of real estate company or “sponsor” projects valued in the aggregate at over $5.9 billion since inception. A strong product fit with the market has accelerated member engagement, with over half of these funds invested by its 250,000- plus members in just the past three years, proving investor interest outside Wall Street amidst a turbulent economy remains robust.

While active throughout various real estate asset classes, it is notable that platform members have invested in multifamily deals totaling more than 28,000 apartment units since its launch. Other opportunities offered by sponsors have included office, retail, industrial, mixed-use, ground-up development, self-storage, single-family and mobile home parks; a variety of types of institutional-grade real estate deals are investable via the platform.

RealtyMogul was an industry disruptor when it entered the real estate investment sector a decade ago. CEO Jilliene Helman applied her experience in personal finance and set about to democratize participation in institutional-grade real estate investment based on three truths she uncovered: 1) the wealthiest clients were real estate investors 2) their income was not correlated to time spent working and 3) they focused on passive cash flow through real estate investment. RealtyMogul captivated its audience and hundreds of thousands of investors elected membership.

“What’s resonating for RealtyMogul investors is choice,” said Ms. Helman. “I founded RealtyMogul to make professional grade real estate investment accessible to a broader audience of investors. Our flexibility and service set us apart: our technology platform and software allows members access to a variety of asset types by real estate companies where members can direct their investment dollars to potentially align with their unique financial goals. This $1 billion milestone underscores that investors are finding financial freedom through access to real estate investment opportunities they are not likely to find in traditional investment modules.”

Institutional-grade real estate investing is accelerating in popularity as seasoned independent investors seek novel yet accessible ways to build lasting wealth. Real estate investments are proving an important element within a diversified portfolio amidst the recently declining stock market, an economy plagued by record-setting inflation, and a global marketplace battling supply chain shortages in nearly every product category. The October 2022 edition of Commercial Market Insights from the National Association of Realtors reported that the multifamily, industrial and retail real estate sectors performed especially strongly over the past year, noting continued brisk growth is anticipated for the commercial real estate market despite rising interest rates.

Chris Fraley, Chief Investment Officer for RealtyMogul, commented, “RealtyMogul is optimally positioned to capitalize on the fervent expansion of the real estate investment sector. We project a continued vigorous pace of investor membership in 2023 as the real estate market is perceived as a practical, sustainable and viable option for independent-minded investors seeking portfolio diversity to build and maintain legacy wealth.”

*Capital invested includes: (i) common equity investments in real estate companies and funds; (ii) fixed income investments including preferred equity, senior debt, and mezzanine debt in connection with the acquisition or refinance of commercial real estate; (iii) residential debt investments in connection with financing the acquisition, improvement/renovation, and sale of single family homes; and (iii) loans originated for sale which include non-fractionalized loans sold to institutional buyers. Includes capital that has been deployed by, as well as material amounts of committed but undeployed cash held by, affiliated and unaffiliated real estate companies and funds, including cash in real estate funds that has been returned from completed investments. Certain investments are made by Realty Mogul, Co. or its affiliates. This information should not be used as a basis for an investor’s decision to invest. Investment opportunities on the RealtyMogul Platform are speculative and involve substantial risk.

This article is for informational purposes only, and is not a recommendation or offer to buy or sell securities. This content is intended for accredited investors only. Information herein may include forward looking statements and is for informational purposes only. Forward-looking statements, hypothetical information, or calculations, financial estimates and targeted returns are inherently uncertain. Past performance is never indicative of future performance. None of the opinions expressed are the opinions of RealtyMogul. Advice from a securities professional is strongly advised, and we recommend that you consult with a financial advisor, attorney, accountant, and any other professional that can help you to understand and assess the risks and tax consequences associated with any real estate investment.

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