Celebrating Our 100th Multifamily Investment Opportunity


We are proud to announce that investors have used the RealtyMogul Platform to invest in 100 multifamily properties. Founded with the mission of broadening access to real estate investing, we have increased the size of our team in 2021 - and have grown into a community of over 200,000 members with investments in $3.1 billion in properties spanning every commercial category from multifamily to industrial.

RealtyMogul’s 100th multifamily investment opportunity cements the firm’s status as a leading player in the multifamily investment space - with investments in over 17,000 multifamily units.

Jilliene Helman, RealtyMogul’s CEO, stated, “Our team has worked for years to simplify real estate investing by sourcing exceptional properties and making them accessible with a few clicks of a button. As we cross the 100th multifamily property threshold, it serves as validation that we’ve entered a new era of real estate investing in which retail investors, pooled together, can rival the private equity giants. It took years to get to this point, and our momentum has just begun to accelerate.”

RealtyMogul has grown considerably over the past 6 months - expanding the Commercial Real Estate team, growing our community of investors at an unprecedented pace, and recruiting several notable real estate industry veterans including Derek Jenson and, more recently, Phil Lisciandra.

Phil Lisciandra was hired to grow RealtyMogul’s presence in the Northeast and East Coast. Mr. Lisciandra’s institutional investment background, capital markets experience, and long-standing relationships will be leveraged to access attractive risk-adjusted investments with experienced operators and developers.

On joining the RealtyMogul team, Mr. Lisciandra commented, “I am thrilled to join RealtyMogul’s innovative platform offering operators and developers equity while accessing the power of the accredited investor community. RealtyMogul has proven that their new, innovative model for real estate investing works for both operators and investors alike, and I believe we have an opportunity to grow into one of the largest real estate investment platforms in the world.”

In 2021, RealtyMogul has expanded the product and engineering team considerably and has also brought on veteran Larry Gomperts in the capacity of Chief Marketing Officer. “As RealtyMogul matures from a community of early-adopters to a firm that now represents the interests of nearly a quarter-of-a-million individual investors, it’s essential that we retain the values and innovative spirit that got us here. I look forward to continuing to grow our member base to the point in which RealtyMogul is among the largest and most compelling sources of capital to operators across the entire commercial spectrum.”

About RealtyMogul:

RealtyMogul is a technology platform allowing individual investors to deploy capital in multifamily, office, retail and industrial properties through joint venture equity and preferred equity investments nationally. The firm has been involved in investments in over $3.1 billion of real estate, including historical investments in over 17,000 apartment units, and has a member base of over 200,000 individual investors.

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