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Windyke Single Family Rehab
Memphis, TN
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100% funded
Offered By OCG Properties
%* TARGET IRR 9.0%-%
Estimated Hold Period 12 months
Estimated First Distribution
*Please carefully review the Disclaimers section below, including regarding Sponsor’s assumptions and target returns
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OCG Properties

Owens Consulting Group ("OCG") is a professional residential rehabilitation company based in Memphis, TN that specializes in purchasing, renovating, tenanting and selling investment properties. OCG has completed over 300 transactions in the past five years alone, representing over $25 million in real estate, most of which has been held for long term growth or sold to cash flow investors.

The OCG team consists of property managers, contractors, insurance agents, certified public accountants, attorneys, title companies, funding sources, lenders, and realtors. OCG’s team has over 60 years of combined experience in various aspects of real estate investment including due diligence, acquisition, renovation, property management and sales on all of its properties, therefore increasing its efficiency and decreasing outsourcing risk.

OCG runs its own in-house property management and renovation companies in order to control and protect investors' assets more efficiently and is currently acquiring 5 to 10 investment properties per month.
  • Mathew Owens, CPA
  • Tyler Owens
Mathew Owens, CPA

Mathew graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a B.A. in economics and an emphasis in accounting. He earned his CPA license in 2000 and specializes in real estate investments, syndications, corporate and individual taxation, business consulting and real estate consulting. He worked as a CPA, auditor and business advisor while running his own tax business before founding OCG. Matt is responsible for operations management, deal analysis, advertising, sales, accounting control systems and teaching financial literacy courses.

Tyler Owens

Tyler is the Acquisition and Finance Manager with OCG. Tyler earned his B.S. in Business Finance at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Tyler established an E-bay business in addition to working for various finance companies before joining his brother in an effort to create OCG.

Now with several years of real estate experience and his own real estate portfolio, Tyler assists in all parts of the business inlcuding the acquisition of properties, investor relations, property analysis, due diligence, property management coordination, renovation estimates, marketing, sales, accounting, bookkeeping and record retention procedures.

Track Record

Business Plan

At A Glance

Property Type: Residential, Single-Family
Investment Type: Rehab
Estimated Rate of Return: 9% annualized
Estimated Hold Period: 12 months
Region: Memphis, TN
Purchase Price + Rehab and Closing Costs: $86,920 + $30,300
Loan Value: $100,000
Loan to Cost: 85.3%
Est. Value After Repair: $142,800
Est. LTV After Repair: 70%
Est. Protective Equity After Repair: $42,800


Investors in this opportunity will pool their money to make a loan to a real estate investor, OCG Properties, for the purpose of a rehab. OCG Properties is performing renovations on the property and will look to sell as quickly as possible at a higher price than the purchase price.  Upon completion, the property will look like other renovations OCG Properties has executed.

Planned exterior rehab work includes: roof repair, paint, lighting, trim, siding, and garage door. Planned interior rehab work includes: new sheetrock, hardwood floor repair, ceramic tile, carpeting, light fixtures, paint, cabinets, kitchen countertops, and plumbing.  Anticipated applicance upgrades, repairs or additions include: dishwasher, exhaust fans, disposal, shower/tub, vanity, faucets, water heater (new), HVAC.  Total estimated rehab and closing cost: $30.3k.

Investor will receive interest payments of 9%, with a final, balloon payment at the end of the loan term. The loan is secured by the property, in first position.

Risk Mitigation

  • There is a personal guarantee on this transaction.
  • OCG Properties is a real estate investor with a history and a track record of success.
  • The loan is secured by a deed of trust.
  • The loan is protected by title insurance.
  • Investor returns are not contingent on the appreciation of the home value and investor returns do not increase based on the final sale price. Even if the property does not sell for the projected sale price, the borrower is still obligated to repay the loan.
  • In a worst case scenario, Realty Mogul will foreclose on the property. Upon acquisition of the property, Realty Mogul will facilitate the sale of the property and will distribute the proceeds to investors according to the percentage of the total investment opportunity they initially funded.

The property is located in a residential neighborhood with many amenities nearby, including:

  • Windyke Country Club - 1.5 miles to entry gate, but the grounds are only 250 feet away
  • Costco - .7 miles
  • Kroger - .8 miles
  • Walgreens - .8 miles
  • Movie Theater - 2.8 miles
  • Methodist Minor Medical Center - .9 miles
  • Germantown Elementary School - 2.0 miles
  • Germantown Middle School - 1.9 miles
  • Germantown High School - 2.7 miles
  • Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park - 33.7 miles

The property is located within the Southwind neighborhood, which is an affluent upscale neighborhood located in the extreme Southeast corner of the Memphis city limits and the adjacent area of unincorporated Shelby county. The area's boundaries are equivalent to the 38125 zip code and consist of Winchester road and the PGA Tour Southwind golf course and gated community to the north, Riverdale road and the Hickory Hill neighborhood to the west, Forest Hill Irene road and the city of Germantown on the east, and the Mississippi state line to the south.

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