The team at our affiliated broker-dealer, RM Securities, conducts diligence on of the issuer, including detailed background checks, criminal checks, bad actor checks, and reference checks on sponsors. In addition to screening for any criminal background, we may also turn down sponsors due to poor reference checks, even if the background and criminal checks are satisfactory.

Escrow accounts

We require unaffiliated sponsors to use an unaffiliated third-party escrow agent.* When an investor makes an investment with such sponsors using the RealtyMogul platform, the investor’s money is transferred directly into a third-party escrow account. All closing conditions in connection with a sponsor’s contingency offering need to be met before the third-party escrow agent will approve releasing investor funds to the issuer or general partner. For example, if an issuer or general partner plans to use funds for a real estate acquisition that does not ultimately transact, the third-party escrow agent will not transfer investor funds to the issuer or general partner, and funds will be returned to investors.

* Unless otherwise disclosed, escrow accounts are not required for some investments that accommodate 1031 investments where the property is already acquired.

Boots on the ground

Our processes typically includes visiting certain properties (or a subset of properties if it's a fund) to confirm the real estate is what and where the real estate is supposed to be. For certain properties that accommodate 1031 exchange investments, the team will review third-party prepared due diligence reports in lieu of a site visit.

Detailed Checklists

We have formalized processes and checklists for every private placement deal listed on the platform.

Confidentiality Agreement
To access the Sponsor’s private offering documents for this investment, you must first acknowledge and agree to the below.
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Completed Equity
Estimated Hold Period 7-10 years
Estimated First Distribution 3/2018
View Our Due Diligence Process
Offered By
Bluerock Exchange LLC
Investment Type Equity
1031 eligible DST offering featuring a 93% leased Class A multifamily property that was built in 2016. Strong institutional Sponsor with significant multifamily experience.
Property at a glance
Year Built 2016
Number of Units 336
Current Occupancy 94%
Leverage 55.6% Loan-to-Cost / 61.6% Loan-to-Value
Parking Ratio 2.34/unit
Acquisition Price $67,500,000
Investment Highlights
Newly Constructed Class A Multifamily
Property acquired for $400,000 below appraised value
Experienced Sponsor with over $4 Billion in reported Assets Under Management
Low Leveraged Property (55.6% LTC) with 1.89x Debt Service Coverage Ratio based on the Year 1 Proforma
Cumulative Distributions

Bluerock Exchange LLC

Bluerock Exchange, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, is an affiliate of Bluerock Real Estate, LLC (“Bluerock”), a private equity real estate investment firm having sponsored a portfolio currently exceeding 16 million square feet of primarily apartment and office real estate. Bluerock's senior management team has an average of over 25 years investing experience, has been involved with acquiring over 35 million square feet of real estate worth approximately $10 billion, and has helped launch leading real estate private and public company platforms. The Trust is to be managed by BR Grand at Westside Leaseco Manager, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Manager”), an affiliate of Bluerock.

Bluerock Property Management, LLC (the "Property Manager") has subcontracted all day-to-day, on-site management, leasing and related functions for the Property to Bell Partners Inc. (the "Property Sub-Manager" or "Bell Partners").  Bell Partners has nearly 60,000 apartment units under management and was ranked as the 15th largest national operator on the National Multifamily Housing Council's list of Top 50 in the United States for 2017.*

*Per the Sponsor
  • R. Ramin Kamfar
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • James G. Babb III
    Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
  • Jordan B. Ruddy
    President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Simon Brower
    Managing Director
R. Ramin Kamfar
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kamfar has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bluerock since its inception in October 2002. Mr. Kamfar has approximately 20 years of experience in building operating companies, and in various aspects of real estate, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investing, investment banking, public and private financings, and retail operations. From 1988 to 1993, Mr. Kamfar worked as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers Inc., New York, New York, where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and private placements. From 1993 to 2002, Mr. Kamfar was the CEO and Chairman of New World Restaurant Group, Inc. (now known as Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc (NASDAQ: BAGL)), a company he founded and grew through a consolidation and turnaround of several companies to approximately 800 locations and $400 million in gross revenues and a portfolio of brands which included Einstein Bros.® and Noah’s NY Bagels®. From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Kamfar served as an active investor, advisor and member of the Board of Directors of Vsource, Inc., a technology company subsequently sold to Symphony House (KL: SYMPHNY), a leading business process outsourcing company focused on the Fortune 500 and Global 500. Mr. Kamfar received an M.B.A. degree with distinction in Finance in 1988 from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a B.S. degree with distinction in Finance in 1985 from the University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland.

James G. Babb III
Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Babb serves as Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Bluerock, which he joined in July 2007. He oversees all real estate sourcing, diligence, structuring and acquisitions for Bluerock. He has been involved exclusively in real estate acquisition, management, financing and disposition for more than 20 years, primarily on behalf of investment funds since 1992. From 1992 to August 2003, Mr. Babb helped lead the residential and office acquisitions initiatives for Starwood Capital Group, or Starwood Capital, most recently as a Senior Vice President. Starwood Capital was formed in 1992 and during his tenure raised and invested funds on behalf of institutional investors through seven private real state funds, each of which had investment objectives similar to ours (but not limited to multifamily investments), and which in the aggregate ultimately invested approximately $8 billion in approximately 250 separate transactions. During such period, Mr. Babb led or shared investment responsibility for over 75 investment transactions totaling approximately $2.5 billion of asset value in more than 20 million square feet of residential, office and industrial properties located in 25 states and seven foreign countries, including a significant number of transactions that were contributed to the initial public offering of Equity Residential Properties Trust (NYSE: EQR), and to create iStar Financial
Inc. (NYSE: SFI). Mr. Babb was also active in Starwood Capital’s efforts to expand its platform to invest in Europe. From August 2003 to July 2007, Mr. Babb founded his own principal investment company, Bluepoint Capital, LLC. Bluepoint was a private real estate investment company focused on the acquisition, development and/or redevelopment of residential and commercial properties in the Northeast United States and Western Europe. Mr. Babb received a B.A. degree in Economics in 1987 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Jordan B. Ruddy
President and Chief Operating Officer

Jordan Ruddy serves as President and Chief Operating Officer for Bluerock, which he joined in 2002. Mr. Ruddy has 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions, financings, management and dispositions. From 2000 to 2001, Mr. Ruddy served as an investment banker at Banc of America Securities LLC, where he was responsible for various types of real estate investment banking transactions including equity offerings, debt placements and asset sales. From 1997 to 2000, Mr. Ruddy served as Vice President of Amerimar Enterprises, a real estate company specializing in value-added investments nationwide, where he managed acquisitions, financings, leasing, asset management and dispositions involving over 1,500,000 square feet of commercial and multifamily real estate. From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Ruddy served as an investment banker at Smith Barney Inc., where he was responsible for various types of real estate investment banking transactions including equity offerings, debt placements and asset sales. From 1988 to 1993, Mr. Ruddy served in the real estate department of The Chase Manhattan Bank, most recently as a Second Vice President. Mr. Ruddy received an M.B.A. degree in Finance and Real Estate in 1995 from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a B.S. degree with high honors in Economics in 1986 from the London School of Economics, located in London, England.

Simon Brower
Managing Director

Simon has been the Managing Director of Bluerock Exchange since June of 2016, and in his role, manages the marketing and distribution of Bluerock's 1031/DST products.

His experience in the securitized 1031 exchange business began in 2004, when he worked for TripleNet Properties, which later merged with Grubb & Ellis. Over a 6 year period, he held both sales and management positions and helped investors complete over $300,000,000 in 1031 exchanges. 

Immediately prior to joining Bluerock, Simon worked for KBS Capital Markets Group in Newport Beach, California. There, he served as Regional Vice President and was responsible for raising investor capital from financial advisors throughout Southern California.

Simon graduated from University of California, Irvine with a bachelor's degree in Economics. He lives in San Clemente with his wife and two daughters.

Track Record

Currently Owned Portfolio
Property Name Location Property Type Acquisition Date # Units  Approximate Acquisition Price
Alamance Reserve Burlington, NC Apartments 4.2014 240  $         23,790,000
Ansley Village Macon, GA Apartments 6.2014 294  $         31,760,000
Alexan City Centre Houston, TX Apartments 7.2014 340  $         83,000,000
Alexan Southside Houston, TX Apartments 1.2015 270  $         49,000,000
APOK Townhomes Boca Raton, FL Apartments 11.2016 90  $         28,900,000
Arium Grandewood Orlando, FL Apartments 11.2014 306  $         44,400,000
Arium Palmer-Ranch Sarasota, FL Apartments 1.2016 320  $         40,300,000
Arium Palms Gateway Orlando, FL Apartments 8.2015 252  $         37,000,000
Arium Gulfshore Naples, FL Apartments 1.2016 368  $         46,000,000
Arium Hunter's Creek Orlando, FL Apartments 10.2017 532 $          99,030,000
Arium Metro West Orlando, FL Apartments 10.2017 510 $          87,300,000
Arium Pine Lakes Port St. Lucie, FL Apartments 12.2016 320  $         38,300,000
Arium Westside Atlanta, GA Apartments 7.2016 336  $         75,500,000
Ashton Reserve Charlotte, NC Apartments 1.2016 473  $         66,550,000
Beach House Jacksonville Beach, FL Apartments 4.2016 228  $         51,570,000
Big Creek Alpharetta,GA Apartments 12.2016 372  $         84,460,000
Brooklyn Riverside Jacksonville, FL Apartments 6.2016 310  $         64,130,000
Clearwater Apartments Clearwater, FL Apartments 9.2015 240  $         46,250,000
Citrus Tower Clermonth, FL Apartments 9.2017 336 $          20,800,000
City Walk Apartments Roswell, GA Apartments 12.2016 320  $         76,000,000
Crescent Perimeter Atlanta, GA Apartments 12.2016 320  $         70,000,000
Domain Phase I Garland, TX Apartments 12.2015 301  $         52,590,000
Enders Place Orlando, FL Apartments 10.2012 198  $         25,100,000
Flager Village Fort Lauderdale, FL Apartments 12.2015 384  $         131,790,000
Glenwood at Grant Park Atlanta, GA Apartments 12.2017 216 $          55,400,000
Grand at the Dominion San Antonio, TX Apartments 9.2017 320 $          51,725,000
Helios Atlanta, GA Apartments 6.2015 285  $         50,900,000
James on South First Austin, TX Apartments 11.2016 250 $          36,750,000​
Land Four Corners Davenport, FL Apartments 2.2016 270  $         38,850,000
Leigh House Raleight, NC Apartments 1.2016 245 $          40,000,000
Marquis at the Cascades I Tyler, TX Apartments 6.2017 328  $         44,650,000
Marquis at the Cascades II Tyler, TX Apartments 6.2017 254  $         28,500,000
Marquis at Crown Ridge San Antonio, TX Apartments 6.2017 352  $         39,500,000
Marquis at Stone Oak San Antonio, TX Apartments 6.2017 335  $         55,350,000
Marquis at TPC San Antonio, TX Apartments 6.2017 139  $         20,850,000
Outlook at Greystone Birmingham, AL Apartments 10.2017 300 $          36,250,000
Park at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC Apartments 2.2011 198  $         8,400,000
Park & Kingston Charlotte, NC Apartments 3.2015 168  $         31,250,000
Plaza Gardens Overland Park, KS Apartments 8.2008 200  $         25,500,000
Pres. Henderson Beach Destin, FL Apartments 3.2016 340  $         53,700,000
Preston View Morrisville, NC Apartments 2.2017 382  $         59,500,000
Sonoma Pointe Kissimmee, FL Apartments 8.2017 216  $         44,530,000
Sorrel Phillips Creek Frisco, TX Apartments 11.2015 252  $         52,050,000
Sovereign Apartments Fort Worth, TX Apartments 11.2015 322  $         47,650,000
Stonebrook Nashville, TN Apartments 12.2011 320  $         18,250,000
The Brodie Austin, TX Apartments 12.2016 324  $         48,900,000
The Mills Greenville, SC Apartments 11.2017 304 $          41,840,000
The Nevadan Atlanta, GA Apartments 10.2016 480  $         68,250,000
Valley Townhomes Puyallup, WA Apartments 7.2008 220  $         42,570,000
Vickers Roswell, GA Apartments 12.2016 79  $         30,880,000
Villages of Cypress Creek Houston, TX Apartments 9.2017 384  $         40,700,000
Wesley Village Charlotte, NC Apartments 3.2017 301  $         58,000,000
West Morehead Charlotte, NC Apartments 1.2016 287  $         60,000,000
Whetstone Durham, NC Apartments 5.2015 204  $         35,600,000
Cummings Research Park I Huntsville, AL Office 11.2007 -  $         58,460,000
Cummings Research Park III Huntsville, AL Office 11.2007 -  $         57,210,000
Summit at Southpoint Jacksonville, FL Office 12.2006 -  $         37,400,000
Town & Country St. Louis, MO Office 6.2008 -  $         51,790,000
Applebee's Jonesboro, GA Retail 4.2013 -  $           2,850,000
Dollar General Hartford, CT Retail 4.2013 -  $           1,800,000
Dollar General Jacksonville, FL Retail 4.2013 -  $           1,550,000
TCF Bank Chicago, IL Retail 4.2013 -  $           3,060,000
Walgreens Haltom City, TX Retail 4.2013 -  $           4,390,000
Walgreens Abilene, TX Retail 4.2013 -  $           5,040,000
TOTAL       15,935 $ 2,867,750,000
Sold Properties
Property Name Location Property Type Acquisition /Sale Date  Approximate Purchase Cost   Approximate Equity Invested   Total Gross Return  Gross IRR
Woodlands Hauppauge, NY Office 04/2013 - 05/2006 16,900,000 5,000,000 6,480,000 9.9%
The Ashford Atlanta, GA Apartments 11/2009 - 09/2011 19,750,000 2,040,000 4,190,000 47.9%
Lynd Portfolio Subtotal   Apartments   21,900,000 6,340,000 12,090,000 17.5%
   -  Mesa Ridge San Antonio, TX Apartments 12/2008 - 03/2011 6,550,000 2,010,000 4,810,000  
   -  Meadows Austin, TX Apartments 02/2008 - 10/2011 3,450,000 1,040,000 2,470,000  
   -  Stratford San Antonio, TX Apartments 12/2008 - 10/2012 11,190,000 3,290,000 4,810,000  
Tech Ridge Austin, TX Apartments 02/2010 - 08/2012 17,190,000 6,030,000 13,170,000 42.5%
Note 16 Nashville, TN Apartments 03/2012 - 06/2013 11,300,000 1,420,000 2,510,000 53.1%
Hillsboro Nashville, TN Apartments 09/2010 - 09/2013 31,600,000 3,900,000 8,560,000 33.1%
Meadowmont Chapel Hill, NC Apartments 04/2010 - 09/2013 37,000,000 4,700,000 11,330,000 32.0%
The Stratford Cary, NC Apartments 06/2012 - 12/2013 20,300,000 5,290,000 7,980,000 38.8%
Arbor Terrace Marietta, GA Apartments 05/2011 - 03/2014 15,500,000 7,890,000 10,010,000 10.2%
Creekside Village Chattanooga, TN Apartments 03/2010 - 03/2014 14,250,000 1,820,000 4,130,000 26.4%
Landmark St. Louis, MO Office 03/2007 - 07/2014 26,030,000 7,500,000   -24.5%
Estates at Perimeter Augusta, GA Apartments 09/2010 - 11/2014 24,950,000 1,930,000 2,410,000 6.5%
Grove at Waterford Hendersonville, TN Apartments 04/2012 - 11/2014 27,880,000 4,670,000 6,250,000 17.3%
23Hundred Berry Hill Nashville, TN Apartments 10/2012 - 01/2015 33,670,000 4,440,000 8,350,000 59.4%
Villas at Oak Crest Chattanooga, TN Apartments 04/2012 - 09/2015 15,520,000 2,900,000 3,730,000 15.5%
North Park Towers Southfield, MI Apartments 12/2005 - 10/2015 36,900,000 11,430,000 2,830,000 -12.2%
Artisan on 18th Nashville, TN Apartments 06/2013 - 10/2015 22,300,000 1,000,000 2,120,000 35.2%
Indian Springs El Paso, TX Apartments 09/2011 - 10/2015 12,350,000 2,740,000 2,690,000 -0.5%
Springhouse Newport News, VA Apartments 12/2009 - 08/2016 29,500,000 6,890,000 16,560,000 17.4%
Mesa Ridge San Antonio, TX Apartments 03/2011 - 11/2016 10,940,000 5,160,000 8,070,000 9.8%
EOS Orlando, FL Apartments 07/2014 - 12/2016 36,960,000 11,090,000 19,630,000 41.2%
Village Green Ann Arbor, MI Apartments 09/2012 - 02/2017 58,000,000 8,190,000 18,430,000 24.2%
Lansbrook Palm Harbor, FL Apartments 03/2014 - 04/2017 58,500,000 16,510,000 30,530,000 27.2%
Fox Hill Austin, TX Apartments 04/2015 - 04/2017 38,150,000 11,920,000 19,310,000 25.8%
MDA City Chicago, IL Apartments 12/2012 - 06/2017 54,870,000 9,760,000 22,680,000 24.3%
CoHo House Atlanta, GA Apartments 07/2014 - 11/2017 20,760,000 5,290,000 6,670,000 8.12%
Chace Lake Villas Birmingham, AL Apartments 06/2012 - 12/2017 26,340,000 12,230,000 17,080,000 8.10%
Total       740,270,000 168,030,000 267,590,000  

*Figures do not reflect any fees that may have been associated with the transaction.

**These returns were provided by and calculated by the Sponsor


On February 14, 2018 the Sponsor acquired the Property from a third-party seller. Concurrently with the acquisition of the Property, the Trust obtained a loan from KeyBank under the Fannie Mae DUS program. The Property is master leased by the Trust to BR Grand at Westside Leaseco, LLC ("Master Lessee" or "Master Tenant") an affiliate of the Sponsor. The Master Tenant sub-leases the apartment units to the end-user tenants pursuant to residential leases. The Trust is a passive owner of the Property and will not be involved in any manner in the active management of the Property. BR Grand at Westside Leaseco Manager, LLC (the "Manager") has been appointed to manage the Trust pursuant to the Trust Agreement.

The Trust expects to provide the Beneficial Owners a return on their investment in two primary ways: (i) in the form of monthly cash distributions to the Beneficial Owners; and (ii) upon any disposition of the Property. The Trust intends to dispose of all of the assets in the Trust in a single sale of the Property. This strategy is anticipated to provide investors with the opportunity to perform a 1031 exchange following the disposition.

Property Information

The Property is a 336-unit Class A multifamily apartment community located in Kissimmee, Florida. The Property was delivered in 2016 and has stabilized with a current occupancy of 93%. The unit mix consists of 120 one-bedroom units, and 168 two-bedroom units, 36 three-bedroom units, and  12 four-bedroom units.  

The Property currently offers numerous amenities including a resort style zero-entry pool, resort inspired cabana seating, summer kitchen & bar, fire pit, putting green, pet park, 24-hour fitness center, media lounge with free wifi, and a community clubhouse with a kitchen.

Unit amenities include gourmet kitchens with goose neck faucets, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, espresso wood cabinets, walk-in closets, keyless fob entries, wood-inspired flooring in the kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, brushed nickel fixtures, screened-in patios, and nine-foot ceilings.

Unit Mix
Unit Type # of Units Avg SF/Unit Avg Rent/Unit Avg Rent/SF
1 BR / 1 BA 60 790 $1,200 $1.52
1 BR / 1 BA 60 802 $1,185 $1.48
2 BR / 2 BA 84 1,224 $1,390 $1.14
2 BR / 2 BA 84 1,250 $1,425 $1.14
3 BR / 2 BA 24 1,370 $1,725 $1.26
3 BR / 2 BA 12 1,483 $1,780 $1.20
4 BR / 2 BA 12 1,503 $1,955 $1.30
Total / (Wtd.) Average 336 1,107 $1,386 $1.25

Rental Comparables
  Bella The Glen II at Cagan Crossings Domain Emerson at Celebration The Oaks at Southlake Commons Total / Averages Subject
# of Units 432 180 324 350 245 306 336
Year Built 2010 2015 2017 2014 2016 2014 2016
1 BD - Average SF (Per Unit) 738 903 795 734 739 782 796
1 BD - Average Rental Rate (Per Unit) $1,261 $1,005 $1,221 $1,275 $1,000 $1,152 $1,193
1 BD - Average Rent PSF $1.71 $1.11 $1.55 $1.74 $1.38 $1.50 $1.50
2 BD - Average SF (Per Unit) 1,058 1,360 1,147 1,068 1,074 1,141 1,237
2 BD - Average Rental Rate (Per Unit) $1,311 $1,322 $1,420 $1,584 $1,295 $1,386 $1,408
2 BD - Average Rent PSF $1.24 $0.97 $1.24 $1.48 $1.21 $1.23 $1.14
3 and 4 BD -  Average SF (Per Unit) 1,233 1,435 1,291 1,371 1,216 1,309 1,493
3 and 4 BD - Average Rental Rate (Per Unit) $1,472 $1,405 $1,700 $1,888 $1,475 $1,588 $1,868
3 and 4 BD - Average Rent PSF $1.20 $0.98 $1.32 $1.38 $1.21 $1.22 $1.25

Source: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Appraisal dated January 26,2018

Sales Comparables
  Linden Audubon Park Sonoma Point The Courtney at Lake Shadow Park Place at Maguire Casa Mirella Averages Subject
Date 11/14/17 8/9/17 6/13/17 6/30/17 11/1/16 - -
# of Units 449 216 244 243 276 286 336
Year Built 2017 2015 2015 2016 2013 2015 2016
Purchase Price $97,100,000 $40,000,000 $44,350,000 $49,560,000 $56,000,000 $57,402,000 $67,500,000
$/Unit $216,258 $185,185 $181,762 $203,951 $202,899 $198,011 $200,893
Cap Rate 4.90% 5.25% 5.50% 5.05% 5.23% 5.19% 5.28%

Source: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Appraisal dated January 26,2018

Property Appraisal available upon request. Please email

Location Information

The Property is located in Kissimmee, Florida in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”) (“Orlando Metro”) in the interior of Central Florida, south of U.S Highway 192/U.S Highway 27 intersection. The Property is located approximately 6-11 miles from the Disney Theme Parks, the MSA’s largest employer (74,000 workers) and worldwide tourist destination. Disney contributes $18.2 billion in annual economic impact with an annual payroll of more than $2 billion. (Source: Walt Disney World Fact Sheet).

[[{"fid":"59118","view_mode":"media_original","type":"media","field_deltas":{},"attributes":{"height":"904","width":"1245","class":"media-element file-media-original","data-delta":"1"},"fields":{}}]]

Market Overview

The Orlando Metro is comprised of approximately 2.4 million residents, ranked 23rd of 381 MSAs in the nation. The State of Florida recently surpassed New York as the third largest state in America with a population reaching nearly 20 million (U.S. Census Bureau).  The Orlando Metro area’s population grew by 14.4% from 2010-2016, tied for the fastest growing top 30 metro.  Furthermore, the metro grew by 29.8% from 2000-2010 and by 34.3% from 1990-2000, about triple the national average for both time periods. (Orlando Economic Development Commission). ​

Effective rent increased 0.6% from $1,223 in 3Q17 to $1,230 in 4Q17, which resulted in an annual growth rate of 5.8%. Annual effective rent growth is forecast to be 3.8% in 2018, and average 3.2% from 2019 to 2021. Annual effective rent growth has averaged 2.5% since 3Q96. The market's annual rent growth rate was above the national average of 2.3%. Out of the 120 markets ranked by Axiometrics nationally, Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL Metro Area was 10th for quarterly effective rent growth, and 8th for annual effective rent growth for 4Q17. The market's occupancy rate decreased from 96.0% in 3Q17 to 95.9% in 4Q17, but was up from 95.5% a year ago. The market's occupancy rate was above the national average of 94.7% in 4Q17. For the forecast period, the market's occupancy rate is expected to be 95.1% in 2018, and average 95.4% from 2019 to 2021. The market's occupancy rate has averaged 94.0% since 3Q95.

Submarket Overview

Per Axiometrics, the Property is located in the Kissimmee/Osceola submarket of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL Metro Area. Effective Rent Growth was 8.4% in 4Q17, which ranks #1 out of the 13 submarkets in the MSA. Axiometrics forecasts rent growth to average 3.8% from 2018-2021. Occupancy was 96.0% in 4Q17 which ranks 6th out of 13 the submarkets. Axiometrics forecasts occupancy to be an average of 95.8% from 2018-2021. The submarket has average rents of $1,193, which are below the market average of $1,230.

Market and Submarket Overview information above was obtained from Axiometrics and the PPM.

Demographic Information

Distance from Property 1 Mile 3 Miles 5 Miles
Population 4,314 31,527 49,813
Population Forecast (2022) 5,196 36,433 57,648
Average Age 38.5 38.6 38.0
Median Household Income $46,830 $53,028 $54,504
Average Household Size 2.6 2.6 2.7
Median Home Value $174,935 $149,791 $155,228
Owner Occupied Households 841 6,765 11,074
Renter Occupied Households 776 5,280 7,259
Population Growth 2017 -2022 20.45% 15.56% 15.73%

Demographic information above was obtained from CoStar.

This content does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. and North Capital Private Securities are in the process of screening, performing due diligence, and verifying information for the offering. The content is presented to gauge interest only and is subject to change without notice.

Cap Stack
Sources & Uses
Total Capitalization
Sources of Funds Cost
Debt $41,561,000
Equity $32,883,763
Total Sources of Funds $74,444,763
Uses of Funds Cost
Purchase Price $67,500,000
Acquisition Fee $1,350,000
Financing and Other Closing Costs $1,668,615
Selling Commissions $1,973,026
Dealer Fee $411,047
Placement Agent Fee $460,373
Organizational & Offering Expenses $197,303
Lender Controlled Reserves $134,400
Trust Controlled Reserves $750,000
Total Uses of Funds $74,444,763
Debt Assumptions

The Property has existing debt: 

  • Loan Origination Date: 2/14/2018
  • Lender: KeyBank Fannie Mae DUS
  • Loan Proceeds: $41,561,000
  • Loan to Cost: 55.58%
  • Interest Rate: 4.47% Fixed
  • Amortization: 30-year amortization
  • Interest Only: 5-year interest-only
  • Recourse: Non-recourse to the Trust, but recourse to the Trust and principals of the Sponsor for certain (i) "bad acts", and (ii) environmental indemnification
  • Term: 10 years
  • Yield Maintenance: 84 months with a minimum 1% of outstanding loan floor  
  • Prepayment Penalty: 1% if loan repaid after the expiration of yield maintenance period but before the last calendar day of the fourth month prior to the month in which the loan matures

The Sponsor is to make distributions directly to investors who own a beneficial interest in the DST on a pro-rata basis.

Distributions are expected to start for each investor within 45 days of the completion of that investors purchase of beneficial interest in the DST. Distributions are targeted to continue on a monthly basis thereafter. These distributions are at the discretion of the Sponsor and made directly by the Sponsor, neither Realty Mogul Co. nor any of its affiliates have any control or discretion on the timing or amount of distributions.


Certain fees and compensation will be paid over the life of the transaction. The following fees and compensation will be paid:

One-Time Fees:
Type of Fee Amount of Fee Received By Paid From Notes
Acquisition Fee $1,350,000 Sponsor Capitalized Equity Contribution 2.0% of Purchase Price.
Selling Commission 6.00% of offering proceeds Broker Dealers Capitalized Equity Contribution Paid to North Capital(1) or other licensed broker-dealers that are Selling Group Members based on the amount of equity capital raised. Surplus fees retained by Sponsor.
Dealer Fee 1.25% of offering proceeds Broker Dealers Capitalized Equity Contribution 1.25% based on the amount of equity invested by investors through, third-party Broker Dealers (including North Capital(1)) are entitled to additional fees based on equity they originate. Surplus fees retained by Sponsor.
Placement Agreement Fee 1.40% of offering proceeds Broker Dealers Capitalized Equity Contribution Managing Broker-Dealer will receive a fee up to 1.4% of the Total Sales, which it may at its sole discretion partially re-allow to Selling Group Members for non-accountable marketing expenses in addition to any other allowances.
Organization and Offering Expenses 0.60% of offering proceeds Sponsor Capitalized Equity Contribution The Sponsor and its affiliates will be entitled to reimbursement for Organization and Offering Expenses, on an accountable basis, estimated at $197,303 or 0.60% of the Offering Amount.
Disposition Fee 3.50% Sponsor Sale Proceeds 3.5% of Sales Price 
Recurring Fees:
Type of Fee Amount of Fee Received By Paid From Notes
Asset Management Fee 0.20% of Purchase Price Manager Operating Cash Flow  
Property Management Fee 2.75% of Effective Gross Income Property Manager Operating Cash Flow Bell Partners Inc. ("Bell Partners"), an unaffiliated party, will perform the property management on the Property. 
Master Lease Operating Profit N/A Master Lessee Operating Cash Flow The Master Lessee will retain net operating revenues from the Property that exceed the total rent payable to the Trust under the Master Lease.


(1) Certain employees of Realty Mogul, Co. are registered representatives of, and are paid commissions by, North Capital Private Securities Corp., a Delaware corporation ("North Capital"). In addition, North Capital pays a technology provider services fee to Realty Mogul, Co. for licensing and access to certain technology, reporting, communications, branding, entity formation and administrative services performed from time to time by Realty Mogul, Co., and North Capital and Realty Mogul, Co. are parties to a profit sharing arrangement.

The above presentation is based upon information supplied by the Sponsor or others.  Realty Mogul, Co. along with its respective affiliates, officers, directors or representatives (the "RM Parties") hereby advise you that none of them has independently confirmed or verified any of the information contained herein.  The RM Parties further make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information and undertake no obligation now or in the future to update or correct this presentation or any information contained herein.

This content does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. and North Capital Private Securities are in the process of screening, performing due diligence, and verifying information for the offering. The content is presented to gauge interest only and is subject to change without notice.

The following offering documents have been prepared and are being delivered by the Sponsor of this investment opportunity, and not by RM Securities, LLC. RM Securities, LLC and its associated persons did not assist in preparing, do not explicitly or implicitly adopt or endorse, and are not otherwise responsible for, the Sponsors offering documents posted below or any content therein.
RM Securities, LLC and its Affiliates Compensation

RM Securities, LLC, its registered representatives, affiliates, associated persons, and personnel of its affiliates who may also be associated with it, including our associated persons and personnel of our affiliates who are also be associated with RM Securities, LLC (it (“RM Securities,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) will receive fees, expense reimbursements, and other compensation (“Fees”) from the issuer of this investment offering, its sponsor, or an affiliate thereof (“Sponsor”), or otherwise in connection with Sponsor’s offering. The Fees paid to us are in addition to other fees you will pay to Sponsor or in connection with Sponsor’s investment offering. You will pay Fees to Sponsor, either directly or indirectly as an investor in the Sponsor’s offering. Sponsor will use the Fees you pay, as well as funds you invest in the relevant offering, to compensate us. The Fees paid to us will directly or indirectly be borne by you as the investor (typically, but not always, in the form of an expense of the Sponsor’s offering in which you invest) because such Fees will reduce the proceeds available for distribution to you and reduce the amount you earn over time.

For more information on the Fees paid to us, or any other Fees you will pay in connection with Sponsor’s offering, please carefully review the Sponsor’s Investment Documents. Please also carefully review RM Securities’ Form CRS, Regulation Best Interest Disclosures, and Limited Brokerage Services Agreement.

No Approval, Opinion or Representation, or Warranty by RM Securities, LLC

Sponsor has provided, approved, and is solely responsible in all aspects for the information on this webpage (“Page”), including Sponsor’s offering documentation, which may include without limitation the Private Placement Memorandum, Operating or Limited Partnership Agreement, Subscription Agreement, the Project Summary and all exhibits and other documents attached thereto or referenced therein (collectively, the “Investment Documents”). The Investment Documents linked on this page have been prepared and posted by Sponsor, and not by RM Securities. We did not assist in preparing, do not adopt or endorse, and we are not otherwise responsible for, the Sponsor’s Investment Documents. We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of information on this Page or in the Sponsor’s Investment Documents and we accept no liability therefor. No part of the information on this Page or in the Sponsor’s Investment Documents is intended to be binding on us.

Sponsor’s Information Qualified by Investment Documents

The information on this Page is qualified in its entirety by reference to the more complete information about the offering contained in the Sponsor’s Investment Documents. The information on this Page is not complete and subject to change at the Sponsor’s discretion at any time up to the closing date. The Sponsor’s Investment Documents and supplements thereto contain important information about the Sponsor’s offering including relevant investment objectives, the business plan, risks, charges, expenses, and other information, which you should consider carefully before investing. The information on this Page should not be used as a basis for an investor’s decision to invest.

Risk of Investment

This investment is speculative, highly illiquid, and involves substantial risk. There can be no assurances that all or any of Sponsor’s assumptions, expectations, estimates, goals, hypothetical illustrations, or other aspects of Sponsor’s business plans (“Assumptions”) will be true or that actual performance will bear any relation to Sponsor’s Assumptions, and no guarantee or representation is made that Sponsor’s Assumptions will be achieved. If Sponsor does not achieve its Assumptions, your investment could be materially and adversely affected. A loss of part or all of the principal value of your investment may occur. You should not invest unless you can readily bear the consequences of such loss. Sponsor’s Assumptions should not be relied upon as the primary basis for your decision to invest.

No Reliance on Forward-Looking Statements; Sponsor Assumptions

Sponsor is solely responsible for statements made concerning forward-looking statements and Assumptions, which apply only as of the date made, are preliminary and subject to change, and are expressly qualified in their entirety by the disclosures and cautionary statements included in Sponsor’s Investment Documents, which you should carefully review. Neither RM Securities nor Sponsor are obligated to update or revise such forward-looking statements or Assumptions to reflect events or circumstances that arise after the date made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. Sponsor’s forward-looking statements and Assumptions are hypothetical, not based on actual investment achievements or events, and are presented solely for purposes of providing insight into the Sponsor’s investment objectives, detailing Sponsor’s anticipated risk and reward characteristics, and establishing a benchmark for future evaluation of actual results; therefore, they are not a predictor, projection, or guarantee of future results. You should not rely on Sponsor’s forward-looking statements as a basis to invest.

Importantly, we do not adopt, endorse, or provide any assurance of returns or as to the accuracy or reasonableness of Sponsor’s Assumptions or forward-looking statements.

No Reliance on Past Performance

Any description of past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should not be relied upon as the primary basis to invest.

Sponsor’s Use of Debt

A substantial portion of the total cost of the real estate asset acquired by the Sponsor with investor funds (“Property”) will be paid with borrowed funds, i.e., debt. Sponsor’s estimated rates and terms of the debt financing are subject to lender approval, and there is no assurance that the Sponsor will secure debt at the rates and terms presented on this Page or in the Sponsor’s Investment Documents, or at all. The use of borrowed money to acquire real estate is referred to as leveraging, which can amplify losses and could result in lender foreclosure. In addition, if the debt includes a variable (or “floating”) interest rate, the total amount of interest paid over the term of the debt will fluctuate and can increase. As a result, Sponsor’s use of debt can result in a loss of some or all of your investment.

Sponsor’s Offering is Not Registered

Sponsor’s securities offering will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), in reliance upon the exemptions from registration pursuant to Rule 506(c) of Regulation D as promulgated under the Securities Act (“Private Placement”). In addition, the offering will not be registered under any state securities laws in reliance on exemptions from state registration. Such securities (your ownership interests) are subject to restrictions on transferability and resale and may not be transferred or resold except as permitted under applicable state and federal securities laws pursuant to registration or an available exemption. All Private Placements on the Platform are intended solely for “Accredited Investors,” as that term is defined in Rule 501(a) under the Securities Act.

No Investment Advice

Nothing on this Page should be regarded as investment advice (either with respect to a particular security or regarding an overall investment strategy), a recommendation, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of or an offer to buy any security. Advice from a securities professional is strongly advised to understand and assess the risks associated with real estate or private placement investments. For additional information on RM Securities’ involvement in this offering, please carefully review the Sponsor’s Investment Documents, and RM Securities’ Form CRS, Regulation Best Interest Disclosures, and Limited Brokerage Services Agreement.

1031 Exchange Risk

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 (“Section 1031”) contains complex tax concepts and certain tax consequences may vary depending on the individual circumstances of each investor. RM Securities and its affiliates make no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the tax consequences of your investment or that the IRS will not challenge any such treatment. You should consult with and rely on your own tax advisor about the tax aspects with respect to your particular circumstances.




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