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Everything you need to know about commercial real estate investing, real estate crowdfunding and more. Reaches $10 Million Dollar Milestone

$10 Million Milestone, the marketplace that is changing the way people invest in traditionally inaccessible commercial real estate, announced that it has crowdfunded $10 million, involving 27 properties valued at over $51 million, since it was launched in March. allows investors to invest in real estate opportunities that were historically difficult to access. The Realty Mogul web platform enables investors to browse real estate investment opportunities, view transaction details, and sign legal documents online.

“Our early success confirms that people are frustrated with the low returns offered by banks and are looking for alternative ways to invest,” said Jilliene Helman, co-founder and CEO. “We’ve made it easy to participate in real estate investing via the Internet by creating a fantastic user experience.”

Helman said her company only invests in transactions with cash flow, setting it apart from other types of crowdfunding where you often have to wait several years to see a return.  “Investors want a return,” she said.  “We have already redistributed over $500,000 to our investors.” investments to date include multi-family apartments buildings, retail shopping centers and the first-ever crowdfunded self-storage facility, a 168,540 square foot complex of 24 buildings in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that will be branded as StoreSmart®, one of the top operators in the U.S. according to Self Storage Magazine.

Helman predicts that the real estate sector of crowdfunding will continue to grow as moreinvestors become aware that it is an option.  “Crowdfunding is going to revolutionize capital formation in real estate,” she said.  “It is here to stay.”


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