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$8 Million in Funded Transactions

Beverly Hills, CA -- November 1, 2013 -- announced today that it had passed the $8 million mark in the amount of financing invested in real estate to date.  The figure represents the cumulative amount invested by the many accredited investors who have participated in the various real estate projects with which Realty Mogul has become involved.  The company also announced that it has to date distributed back to investors more than $500,000 in investment returns and principal repayments.

“It’s been exhilarating to see our rapid growth over the space of just a few months,” said Jilliene Helman, founder and CEO of  “Our initial focus on loans for residential renovation projects has now evolved to include equity participations in major commercial real estate ventures involving shopping centers, apartment buildings and self-storage facilities.  Our existing investor base has grown increasingly comfortable with the platform, and new users are registering on our site at an accelerating rate.” is a real estate crowdfunding company that has thus far limited participation in its platform to accredited investors – persons who earn $200,000 or more annually or have a net worth over $1 million. The site is a leader in the commercial real estate financing sector. 

“Our success has drawn an ever-increasing number of high-quality project sponsors to the site, inquiring as to how they can work with us,” said Helman.  “We thus continue to participate in projects sponsored by real estate companies that are leaders in their regions or market sectors.   That involvement in high-quality deal flow has helped create a virtuous cycle of encouraging more and more accredited investors to sign up on our platform to gain exposure to these opportunities.  We believe that our online accredited crowdfunding model fills a very real need for both project sponsors searching for new financing sources and for investors who may not have previously had access to these sorts of commercial and residential real estate opportunities.” 

About is crowdfunding for real estate, a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of real property like office buildings, apartment buildings and retail centers. gives investors tools to browse investments, do due diligence, invest online and have 24/7 access to an investor dashboard to watch how their investments are performing. partners with private real estate companies to source quality deal flow and curates all the investments.  For these real estate companies, they have access to a broader capital pool and tools to do investor reporting, investor communication and distributions.


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