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Everything you need to know about commercial real estate investing, real estate crowdfunding and more. Named Crowdfunding Startup to Watch by Inc.
November 11 | 2015

Crowdfunding Startup to Watch

Inc. recently named as one of five crowdfunding startups to look into. Sujan Patel, VP of Marketing for When I Work, said’s services enables accredited investors’ to pool funds and access properties through its real estate investing platform. He also mentioned using the service and that the properties for investors are pre-vetted. Additionally, sponsors or borrowers may submit online applications for real estate bridge loans and joint venture equity.

With the real estate crowdfunding industry continuing to grow exponentially, has positioned itself as a leading real estate investment platform with a national outreach. According to Forbes, crowdfunding is expected to raise over $34 billion in 2015 and could outpace venture capital in 2016. Real estate crowdfunding platforms like continue to disrupt the traditional industry as a part of the “collaborative economy.” allows investors to invest in real estate without the hassle of becoming a landlord or the lack of industry connections.

The other four startups highlighted in Inc.’s ranking include Plum Alley, Upstart, Fig and Dragon Innovation.

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