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Crowdfunding: To Infinity & Beyond

Did You Know? First House on the Moon to Be Crowdfunded

File under “W” for “We'll Believe It When We See It," but the first house to ever be built and placed on the moon will be crowdfunded by a team of individuals from Sweden, headed by Mikael Genberg. The team is attempting to place a robotic, self-assembling, red house would the first ever house installed on the lunar surface. The artistic minds behind this groundbreaking idea have said this project is nearly 15 years old, but it was put on hiatus due to funding issues. Before Genberg and his team can launch the Moonhouse Project, they are in need from people on Earth. On May 28th, it was announced that the project will attempt to raise more than $115 million in the next 186 days through crowdfunding. If all goes well, the project is planned to be sent into space in late 2015 atop SpaceX’S Falcon 9 rocket with the group Astrobotic – a private spaceflight team competing for the $20 million Google Lunar X Grand Prize.

Crowdfunding: The Sky is the Limit

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth - this latest development in the crowdfunding industry proves that the possibilities for the future of crowdfunding are virtually endless. As the crowdfunding phenomenon continues to gain popularity across the world, diverse projects may continue to rise.

Already, there has been a variety of unique crowdfunded projects to have made headlines. In April, the San Diego Opera announced that it had crowdfunded over $300,000, with hopes of raising $1 million in the early months of summer. In San Diego, talks have continued for more than two years about the possibility of crowdfunding the purchase of a Major League Soccer team. Supporters of the idea have suggested similarities to the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League who are a publicly owned team. Civic crowdfunding has also gained momentum in cities such as New York, where a recent initiative would crowdfund the world’s first water filtering floating pool in New York’s East River. Overall, as borrowers continue to foster the growing need for capital, while simultaneously empowering social technology, crowdfunding has gone from an obscure method of finance to an increasingly popular investment approach to raise capital. Stay tuned as the possibilities of crowdfunding unfold.

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