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CEO Jilliene Helman on NPR’s On The Money
October 26 | 2015

On The Money

Jilliene Helman, listed in Forbes magazine as part of its 2015 ’30 Under 30’ under the Enterprise Technology category, recently spoke to Steve Pomeranz, host of NPR’s On The Money.  Helman, who has underwritten more than $5 billion of real estate investments, previously served as Vice President at Union Bank before becoming CEO of her own company, which has done more than $150 million in real estate transactions.

During the interview, Helman gives an overview of how allows real estate investors and borrowers to diversify, including across property, geography, and transactions types and how the company is focused on “preservation of capital” for its investors through the company’s rigorous vetting of potential deals.

On describing’s platform:

We’re the marketplace in the middle. On one side of our marketplace, we have real estate companies who are looking for capital to acquire or renovate real estate projects, and on the other side of our marketplace, we have investors who are looking to make passive real estate investments. They want exposure to real estate but they don’t actually want to operate the real estate.

She also explains how differentiates itself from traditional real estate models:  

The way we originate real estate loans is quite different. We are a financial and technology company, kind of merged together. About half of our team is finance and the other half is technology. We’ve built a tremendous amount of technology around the ability to underwrite real estate transactions … we are able to pull in a lot of information from third-party sources as opposed to asking the real estate companies directly for that information.

Ultimately, “we’re trying to create a better user experience … when they go and get a real estate loan from a nontraditional lender,” she said.

Listen to the interview here.

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