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March 13, 2017
"Currently, these companies are uniquely situated as the only three Reg CF platforms with female founders (of 23 total). RealtyMogul, the Reg D real estate investment platform co-founded by Jilliene Helman, has been a market leader."
March 13, 2017 CEO Jilliene Helman Named Fintech Woman of the Year Helman received the honor at the first annual LendIt Industry Awards on March 7th Los Angeles, CA – March 13, 2017 – CEO Jilliene Helman was named Fintech Woman of the Year at the first annual LendIt Industry Awards
March 10, 2017
MogulREIT is RealtyMogul’s first RegA+ offering, and their successful transition to RegA+ (along with Fundrise before them) helps make the case that RegA+ is the preferred JOBS Act provision for larger scale investment crowdfunding efforts.
March 7, 2017
"...we’re looking at properties more carefully now, looking for higher cash-on-cash returns, because the appreciation and value-add strategies are played out in some markets.” For multifamily assets, RealtyMogul’s bread and butter is Class B properties with upside potential in secondary markets.
March 2, 2017
"You, as an individual, can invest in that REIT and essentially be investing in real estate. This is a great option for someone who only wants portfolio exposure to real estate and is not looking for a side job. Companies we like that sell REITs: Fundrise, RealtyMogul."
February 23, 2017
"With over $250 million of capital invested and 100,000 registered investors on the platform, is a testament to this change."
February 22, 2017
“Unlike RealtyShares, RealtyMogul does not have flat investment fees. Instead, the fees depend on the type of investments and on the nature of the transaction. However you will know what the fees are in connection with each investment before you invest any money.”
February 22, 2017
MogulREIT I Declares Sixth Consecutive 8% Annualized* Distribution, Adds Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Option Los Angeles, CA -- February 22, 2017 --, a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, today announced it will accept retirement funds from self-directed IRAs
January 4, 2017
 "A lot of investors don't have the time to manage the real estate, but they want the exposure to real estate investments. Crowdfunding is a good way to get diversification."