The RM Communities 2023 First Quarter in Review and Market Update

RM Communities Webinar

The RM Communities Multifamily 2023 First Quarter Review & Market Update
In this webinar, Todd Hanson, Managing Director of RM Communities, and his team discuss the real estate portfolio performance, observations from the first quarter, and their outlook for the remainder of 2023. This webinar also includes Todd’s thoughts on multifamily risks and opportunities and how best to navigate the current investment environment.
Our Founding Insights

Real estate has provided generations of investors with wealth. However, it has historically been reserved for those with specialized knowledge, the right connections and access to great amounts of capital. This has kept investing in commercial real estate out of reach for most — until RealtyMogul.

While working in wealth management, RealtyMogul’s CEO Jilliene Helman identified three key insights that separated the wealthiest clients from the rest. Her goal of sharing these insights would soon lead to the founding of RealtyMogul.

1. The wealthiest clients were real estate investors
2. Their income was not correlated to their time spent working
3. They focused on passive cash flow through real estate investments
The search for buildings in locations with favorable economic trends, run by operators with local experience

On the RealtyMogul platform, real estate companies provide access to a wide variety of commercial real estate investment opportunities – including multifamily, office, retail, and ground-up development – in dozens of markets across the country.

Well-leased properties or ground-up construction opportunities
Partner with select real estate partners with proven experience
Prioritize transparency at every stage of the process
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Retirement Investing In Real Estate: New Opportunities
Many investors view real estate’s potential for long-term appreciation, combined with the tax advantages of a qualified retirement plan, as potential reasons to invest their retirement accounts in real estate.
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The Self-Directed IRA is one of the most misunderstood retirement account options. This article discusses what a Self-Directed IRA is, the potential benefits and risks involved, and what types of unique investment opportunities it affords.
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