Investing with confidence

Understanding our due diligence process

Evaluating an opportunity for investment

At RealtyMogul we require due diligence on every investment prior to an offering being posted on our website.

Every deal is evaluated against 4 core criteria and hundreds of data points to ensure investments meet our minimum eligibility criteria to be made available to investors. On our website, investors can find deal specific information to run their own due diligence with ease.

The Real Estate Company

The first thing we look at when analyzing an investment is the real estate company. The company is the individual or group of individuals who will acquire the real estate and execute on a business plan for the ownership. We consider multiple factors when evaluating a company to partner with.


We conduct thorough background, criminal, and credit checks to identify any pending litigation or items of concern.

Track Record

We examine all assets previously acquired and compare to the scope of the proposed project to ensure the requisite experience is in place to execute the proposed business plan.


We secure references from lenders, investors, and/or business associates and research the relationships with the property management company and leasing agents being used.

The Market

The second area we review when looking at a real estate investment is the market of the property.

Realtors often say that the only thing that matters is "location, location, location" and not without good reason.

The market of an asset is of critical importance when determining whether to make an investment. A few areas we take into consideration are the demographics, economic trends, and comparables of the market.


Key factors we examine include items such as median household income, average age of population, and household formations.

Economic Trends

We look for trends in the overall size of the market, property values, job, and industry growth.


We compare sales and lease information of properties within the submarket of the potential investment property to make sure we are in line, if not more conservatively written.

The Property

The third factor we consider is the quality of the property or asset. We evaluate the current physical condition and compare the information we gather with the real estate company's business plan to determine its viability. It is normal for our underwriting assumptions to adjust throughout this process to accurately represent our findings.

Income & Cost

We calculate the income potential of the property against expenses and compare to the market. We identify the replacement cost and any functional obsolescence.

Tenants & Rates

We look at the tenant population and determine if the property can meet their specific needs. We calculate vacancy and rental rates and compare the asset to the rest of the market.

Site Visit

A member of our team steps foot on every property. An in-person visit to the property and surrounding area is a pre-requisite for any investment we decide to move forward with.

The Investment

In the final stages of our process, we spend time and resources ensuring that the operating agreement conforms to our minimum qualifications for an investment.

There are several key provisions that we review when considering how the legal structure may contribute to the overall risks of a transaction.

Operating Agreement

Our legal team works to ensure that our operating agreement accurately reflects the spirit of the partnership to mitigate risks in a variety of situations.

Fees & Expenses

We analyze fees and expenses, both fixed fees and incentive based fees to understand the motives of the management team and negotiate on behalf of investors.

Asset Management

Our asset team steps in even before we close an investment as we believe active, disciplined management is essential throughout the life of all investments.

We step foot on every property

At RealtyMogul, we step foot on every property considered for investment.

Once it is determined that each of the elements of a transaction are on balance and appear strong enough to accomplish the stated investment goals, we believe it is worth offering the investment in the property.

Save time & Resources

Our platform provides investors with convenient online due diligence packages for every deal.

Team up with professionals

From the originations and underwriting team, to the asset management group and our executive staff, you can rest assured we have the expertise for you to make investment decisions.

Real Estate Team

Jilliene Helman

Chief Executive Officer

Jilliene Helman

Chief Executive Officer

Jilliene Helman is Chief Executive Officer of RealtyMogul and its wholly owned subsidiaries, RM Manager, RealtyMogul Commercial Capital, RM Adviser, RM Technologies and RM Communities. She has been involved in investments with property values over $2 billion, including over 15,000 apartment units, and is a pioneer in real estate crowdfunding.

Christopher Fraley

Chief Investment Officer

Christopher Fraley

Chief Investment Officer

Christopher Fraley is Chief Investment Officer for RealtyMogul, overseeing underwriting, closing and asset management for the firm’s debt and equity investments. Mr. Fraley has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate finance, including sourcing transactions and negotiating complex joint venture equity partnerships. From 2006-2013, Mr. Fraley sat on the Investment Committee for Rockwood Capital, a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm with more than $8 billion in assets under management.



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