The Keys to Investor Protection


At RealtyMogul we put every deal to the test against hundreds of data points and our most conservative financial models. We only consider deals that pass our stringent due diligence process and offer investors full visibility into every opportunity on our platform.

One of our key principles at RealtyMogul is Quality Over Quantity. Some of our peers are transaction focused, listing as many deals as possible, and in doing so, they may not have the opportunity to diligently underwrite each investment. On average, for every 1,000 deals we evaluate, only one may meet all the criteria of our rigorous underwriting process.

What do we do differently?

  • Our underwriters step foot on every property to make sure there are no surprises
  • Our focus is on potential cash-flow investments with a good risk/reward equation
  • Our Investment Committee thoroughly reviews and must unanimously agree on each opportunity
  • We only work with select real estate partners with proven track records and experience managing assets
  • Since we pool investors together and invest collectively via a single entity, we have collective bargaining power, which gives us more legal control and rights over each deal compared to investing alone
  • Our investments are limited to certain property types – we never invest in ground-up developments or raw land

We believe in transparency. On our platform, we make it easy for investors to review the underwriting information and operating agreements, which are the legal documents that govern our rights in every transaction, so our investors can learn the specifics deal-by-deal.

We believe in active asset management, and these rights in the legal documents allow us to be proactive and step in to do our best to protect investor capital.  We are continuously reviewing financials, business plans, reporting and stepping in when we feel we need to on behalf of investors.

We are here for you. RealtyMogul offers personalized service for every investor regardless of the amount invested. Our team of licensed investor relations professionals are here for you to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more, Become a Member or contact our Investor Relations team at (877) 781-7062 or

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